Hettich Drawer Runners 20″

Tk. 2,500

Key Features :

  • Integrated Silent System.
  • Using a release lever, the drawer can be detached from the runner and thus removed and re-fitted with ease.
  • Precision control for moving smoothly and freely and high lateral stability.
  • For drawers with grooved, rebated or flush fitted drawer bottom panel.

Hettich Drawer Runners 20″ Features :

Product Name Drawer Runners 20″
Code 911427600
Brand Hettich
KA 4532 ball bearing runner Silent System, 12.7 mm installed width, 500
PU 10 set
Split box permitted No
Material Steel (Galvanized)
Nominal length / drawer length NL 500 mm or 20″
Load capacity kg 35
Minimum cabinet body depth KT 504
Duribility 60,000 Cycle
Others Load capacity to EN 15338, Level 2
Steel, galvanised, blue passivated
For a nominal length of 300, drawer travel is just 290 mm




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